Peacehaven & Telscombe Historical Society (now disbanded) 

Site now run to inform the public about the history of Peacehaven & Telscombe 


Booklets published by Pathsbooks - the former society's own publishing arm. Now run by Stanley Bernard  

Peacehaven a Chronology

 Telscombe a Sussex Village

 Telscombe its early history

 People of Peacehaven & Telscombe

 Before the Bungalows.

All are still available on request

A new book has just been published called "News from Victorian Newhaven" by Stanley Bernard

at £9.49 plus £1.24 postage (a discount of £1.50 on the cover price)

The title says it all a little history of the town and news stories from Victorian newspapers including riots and murder all in Newhaven.


Amberley Publishing have published - Peacehaven & Telscombe Through Time by Stanley Bernard cost £11.99